We untangle things

In an era of faster changes and abundant choices, complexity is all around us.

Designers working together while sitting in one of the common areas of the studio
Entrance to the Milan studio with large stairways, plants and interior decorations
Designers working together
Architectural detail of the interior of the studio

As a part of life, complexity per sé is neither bad nor good. It’s what keeps life interesting.
Confusion, on the other hand, is what makes it tricky.

And that’s where we come in. We are a global network of diverse design studios full of explorers hungry to learn and passionate to ignite a positive change each day.

By drawing insight from different disciplines, multiple viewpoints, and our local studios’ expertise, we untangle even the most complex challenges.

Through design, we develop ideas inspired by people, their needs and emotions.

Portait of Maddalena Bellè
Portait of Nils Belonio
Portait of  Michele Armellini
Portait of Bob Chunlei
Portait of Lucia Ferretti
Portait of Giulia Papalia