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Italy's first Smart Coffee Machine powered by Alexa.

Lavazza - Voicy - A MODO MIO on black background

Lavazzy Voicy A MODO MIO — Your new trusted barista

Content Design
UX and Service Design
UX Writing
Interaction Design
14 months

The challenge

When we were called to design the experience of Voicy, Lavazza’s first Alexa Smart Coffee Machine, our aim was to enhance the coffee moment by linking a series of services to the product. At the same time, we aimed to broaden the scope of the Lavazza’s historic claim — “at home like at the bar” — by replicating the experience with a trusted barista who knows their clients’ tastes, understands their rhythms and purchase preferences. 
However, Lavazza did not just want to become the first Italian coffee machine player with Alexa integration but, instead, use data analysis to gain a better understanding of their consumers and offer a new way of purchasing Lavazza capsules, extending the company’s presence on the global market and positioning Voicy as a smart home product accessible to everyone.

The methodology

To enhance the coffee moment in a new way, we linked a series of services to the product. 
First, we defined custom skills identifying use cases; then we moved on to designing the conversations.
The design concept revolves around the value of simplicity: the product must be immediately understandable to become part of people's habits. 
The experience must be fluid and harmonious on all devices: voice, app, display of the coffee machine.
We used a collaborative approach to define the perimeter in co-design sessions with the customer and the partner who was designing the app. To work in groups, we have chosen a narrative tool, the storyframes. This approach allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the experience, identifying both the micro-moments as well as high-level objectives.
Lavazza Voicy Storyframe Workshop Canvas

The insight

In our concept, the use cases had to be specific. For this unique vocal experience, we needed to define a clear perimeter to be effective, after which we could design dialogues starting from real human conversations.

The solution

Thanks to our cooperation, Lavazza was able to define the flow of the first smart coffee machine. We’ve designed a personalized experience that gives users the sensation of having their trusted bartender right in the comfort of their home. 

Now, Lavazza Voicy can:
  • Make personalized coffee
  • Associate a personalized coffee to the voice of a user
  • Guide the user step-by-step through the descaling process
  • Explain FAQs
  • Provide a privileged access to customer care
  • Receive tutorials via app
  • Get alert explanations
  • Remind users of their friends' coffee preferences (milk, sugar, toppings, etc)
  • Provide information on usage statistics
  • Update the number of capsules available and indicate when to buy new ones
  • Share fun facts about the brand


2 labs

with 25 participants


1 team

incl. Content, UX and IoT



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