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The future of Merchant Online Services.


  • Tangity
  • Nexi


  • UX and Service Design
  • Business Design
  • Content Design
  • UX Writing
  • Visual Design


  • Benchmark
  • Ecosystem mapping
  • Service blueprint
  • Prototyping
  • Quality check


  • 6 months

The challenge The challenge

Tangity and Nexi have partnered up to digitally transform both new and existing Merchant Online Services through the design of novel processes and interfaces. Our goal was to enable new sales process experiences while strengthening Nexi’s position on the online market for payment solutions products.

Nexi Shop on a mobile device

The methodology The methodology

First, to identify the opportunities to evolve the new digital ecosystem, we conducted thorough research and mapped the current digital merchant ecosystem.

Then, we reorganized the infrastructure, considering also the launch of additional future touchpoints and their impact to select the best road to follow. In close collaboration with the client, we continued to design the processes for the new e-shop’s end-to-end experience, making sure to take the numerous rental and purchasing scenarios of terminals into account.

During the design phase, we’ve then analyzed the functional requirements with the various business lines at the same table. After that, we created wireframe flows, visuals and user stories to better illustrate the new experience.

During the final development phase, we worked hand-in-hand with the IT supplier and testing team, performing active quality checks on the regular.

"As the market scenario is constantly evolving, it was crucial for us to position Nexi and maintain its market share in a scenario where European players make it highly heterogeneous and competitive. The collaboration with Tangity has been fundamental in the realization of this important asset of our Merchant Service strategy".

— Matteo Piuri, Director, Group Head of Digital & Customer Experience

The solution The solution

As a result, we gave birth to Nexi Shop, Nexi’s very first e-commerce. Through the creation of dedicated content templates and UX writing, we created a captivating platform which allows final customers to easily access offers and provides Nexi with sales tools, capable of managing broad product portfolios that ca adapt to the ever evolving business and commercial needs. In addition, our team simplified the acquiring affiliation process, by introducing SEPA Electronic Database Alignment for user recognition, OTP signature, as well as a seamless document upload.

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