Banca AideXa: a corporate website for SMEs who dream big

An accessible solution for a fintech ready for any enterprise


  • Tangity
  • Banca AideXa


  • Design
  • Engineering


  • UX and Service Design
  • Visual Design
  • Content Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Design Engineering


  • 3 months

The challenge The challenge

Banca AideXa has asked us to design a modular and scalable solution, in line with the current design trends. The website had to be 100% accessible, it had to speak the language of the reader and being able to engage the user through a style that was neither that of a traditional bank nor that of a fintech. Furthermore, we've been asked to design a CMS that would allow the client to manage the site independently.

Some intermediate deliverables, like blueprints, and photos from the team
Three screenshots from the mobile version

The methodology The methodology

We arrived at the moment when AideXa became a bank. Our work, therefore, from the very start, had one further goal: to help the brand to determine itself. The secrets of our methodology? Planning, organization, synergy, agility.

At the beginning of the project, we planned our activities, and we immediately started working together, taking into consideration everyone's points of view: business, content, design, visual, development. The tight organization of the team gave the project the necessary foresight. Before we started to get our hands on it, we designed the website voice.

During the design process, instead, we created our design system. Synergistically, we worked together to achieve a common goal, relying on the complicity of a very present customer and relying on the great harmony that has always been between us. We all got our hands on it, overcoming the limits that the role imposed on everyone: there were no watertight compartments, only a great desire to design by iterating.

Banca AideXa corporate website's design principles are "Save space and time", "Create a mirror environment", "Focus on what's essential"

The results of the partnership with Tangity have been extremely satisfying. is now a place that fully reflects who we are: a bank ready for any business. The secret to success lies in the team’s strong skills, proactivity, and the ability to understand the needs of AideXa and its customers fully.

— Jason Boon, Chief Digital Marketing

Two screenshots from the desktop website

The solution The solution

Banca AideXa's new corporate website has a modular and scalable structure. Each page content is designed to simulate the dialogue between the reader and the bank, with the aim of helping the user to feel involved. To engage the reader, a series of illustrations prepared ad hoc accompany the story that the copy and microcopy already tell within the pages. Navigation is simple and straightforward. The CMS is easy to use and allows data enterers to quickly build new pages. The design system also allows anyone to understand and borrow the logic and strategy to be applied during the design and development of new components or layouts.

A view of Banca AideXa's design system.
Screenshots from the tablet version




Design System


modules and 25 variants developed in 3 months



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