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Starting up Vodafone’s second brand to compete with a low-cost newcomer.


  • ho.
  • Tangity


  • Design
  • Technology


  • UX and Service Design
  • Visual Design
  • Content Design
  • Development
  • Infrastructuring


  • 8 months

Bar charts The challenge

Design and launch a new telco operator from scratch in 8 months with clear, simple offers and excellent customer experience across multiple channels: web, mobile, dealers, and kiosks.

To get there, we started with the brand ho. v. tr. [lat. habère]. Meaning ‘I have,’ ho. immediately connects with people’s questions and needs.

ho mobile process

Target The insight

It all started with typical customer questions regarding the selection of a mobile operator.
What offers do you have?
How many gigabytes do I get?
What are the costs?
What included in the complete package?

The primary challenge consumers face is to have a clear understanding of what an operator is offering compared to its competitors.
We created a simple answer – now, you can have it all.
ho mobile app

methodology The methodology

ho. mobile's success not only comes from the methodology we adopted, but, even more importantly, from the mindset that guided us.

Inspired by the brand’s values, simplicity and transparency, we worked with a lean-start-up approach, from service design over agile development to waterfall development in core streams.

The operational model included design leadership to work on Business Design, Service and UX Design, Visual Design, and UX Writing.

All in the simplest way:

  • co-located cross-functional teams
  • cross-team direct communication instead of unnecessary emails
  • daily morning stand-up meeting

The ho. project demonstrates that design can lead different teams towards a unique result: ho. was the first Italian telco operator to use a video call to verify the customer's identity and newsstand as an innovative distribution channel.

ho mobile app

“This project has set the bar in terms of E2E partnerships, from service design to IT delivery and operations, working as ONE ho. team, with unprecedented speed and commitment.”

— Giuseppe Vironda, former Consumer Marketing Director Vodafone Italy

ho Website

Light Bulb The solution

With a multichannel digital experience focused on simplicity and transparency, ho. builds understanding and trust in people when choosing a new mobile operator.

Everything is supported by an intuitive UX, delivering an end-to-end project with an outstanding experience for dealers, agents, and over 2 million customers.

ho Website


8 months

from scratch to launch

One month after the launch


highest ranking within the Italian telco industry


2 new channels

videocall & newsstand



Compasso d’Oro nominee


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